Welcome to London.
We’re two young guys living and operating rickshaw business in London for years. A day out with us will be one of the best experiences in this crazy city.
We offer you safe, very comfortable three seat tuk tuk with the sound system on which you can have a break from walking around London.
Choose one of our tours or book us for Private Hire. Best choice for Stag night, Birthday party, Halloween party, Christmas time, Valentine’s day or anything you want.
Use our environmentally friendly service as a marketing and advertising method for your business. We have 30 Pedicabs which are excellent solution to promote and advertise you brand on the streets of London.
All of our campaigns are made to suit the needs of each customer, ensuring that every client receives a bespoke and perfectly crafted strategy to maximise their exposure. Contact us via our page form, mail or simply call us. We are on social media too!

It should be mentioned that London rickshaws are called differently in every part of the world. You will often hear about us as a tuk tuk, rickshaw it is worth mentioning that they also call us pedicab the term taxi bike London has also become very popular.
TukTuk London is a different and original form of transport than the popular crowded tourist buses. Environmental protection is not the only reason for tuk tuk hire.
The main reason is that you can breathe freely while also being able to open the roof to completely protect you from the English weather.  It is very convenient especially during the prevailing covid19. Control over the pace of movement around the city, the ability to stop virtually anywhere and unrivalled full vision of the objects you want to see or photograph put rickshaws in the first place when it comes to cognitive tourism.
Due to the many possibilities of using our vehicles, we provide various services to which you can hire a tuk tuk. We are no strangers to wedding commissions, shooting music videos, and other events all over England. As you can see, a rickshaw for rent can be used to support many corporate and private ventures. We encourage you to contact us so that we can analyze your individual project or trip.

Simple Tour

For a small amount you will see many interesting buildings with history.

During the main trip, we will visit all the major attractions of Westminster.
We will take you to Buckingham Palace, 10 downing street and more.

This is an ideal offer for people who have not yet used rickshaws and want to combine this with sightseeing

Don’t hesitate, discover London with us!

Time: Between 30-55min

Bits and Bobs

This is the most popular tour chosen by our clients.

We will pass by the very heart of the city during the trip you will take a souvenir photo with the most recognizable signs of London.

Offer increased due to a simple tour, among others, such places as Picadilly circus, China town, Oxford street, Leicester square, Covent garden, Soho and more.

Time: Between 1h – 2h

All of London Tour

First time in London?
Interested in London sightseeing?
We have something for you! We will take you to London’s must see destinations. All you need is around spare time and a camera.

Time: Between 2,5h-4h

Royal Tour (private hire)

It is a place for individual offers to be submitted
by individuals, companies and larger groups of people.
Everything in your imagination!

Terms & Conditions

For better cooperation, we established a few rules. 

Please read them before you decide to London rickshaw.

Bookings are confirmed after paying 30% of the order value to our bank account, the money is non-refundable.

If you’re unable to make a payment to our account please inform us what are the reasons.

The date and time of a tour can be changed by customers due to bad weather but you need to inform us a minimum of 10 hours before.

The date and time of a tour can be changed by customers due to other circumstances but you need to inform us a minimum of 3 days before.

Children under 15 must be at the parental control at all times.

Children under 5 have always FREE entry and 6-10 yo up to 45% discount.

Private hire’s advanced payment depends on mutual agreement and can not be refunded.

Date and time of private hire can be changed by customers due to bad weather but you need to inform us a minimum of 10 hours before.

Date and time of private hire can be changed by customers due to other circumstances but you need to inform us a minimum of 5 days before. During the journey, it is forbidden to use profanity to people outside the vehicle.

We allow drinking alcohol and smoking in our taxi bikes.

It is forbidden to use any other stimulants in tuktuk.

You must know that sometimes the vehicle shakes from potholes in the road.

You may be charged an additional fee if there is significant damage to the seat fabric (burnout or spillage of colouring fluid).

It will be between 10-30 pounds depending on the amount of damage.

Our drivers are not responsible for your lost items.

While providing the service, you can be photographed on a rickshaw and then the photo can appear on our website

or our social media without asking you about it.

If you are a recognizable person or you just do not want to appear in the pictures, please let us know before the service.

After the curfew, you may be asked to turn down the music if we deem it necessary.

Ignoring or repeated non-compliance with our regulations may result at the end of the trip without the possibility of its continuation.

Rickshawslondon.co.uk will make every effort to provide excellent service, however, as a result of traffic congestion,

breakdown or other circumstances beyond our control, rides can be longer than predicted and the company

will not be responsible for any loss or inconvenience suffered as a result.

Rickshaw hire means unequivocally accepting the above rules.



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