Bits and Bobs

If you think about visiting the entire center of London, this is an ideal offer for you.

Many people choose this form of sightseeing together with us because it is rich and varied enough to get to know London.

The trip, however, lacks several attractions that are a few miles away such as the City of London (the undisputed global financial center for all of Europe), Tower Bridge (drawbridge), London Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral (building for over 1,400 years), or Tower of London.

But do not worry they are included in our tour of the “All of London Tour” on which we invite the most demanding tourists.

During the Bits and Bobs tour you will visit among others:

1. The Westminster Abbey Anglican Temple is the place of coronation of the kings of England and Great Britain.

2. Great clock “Big ben” and actually Elizabeth Tower, which is already over 160 years old. It is one of the main symbols of the country and the capital.

3. House of Parliament – The seat of the British House of Commons, the House of Lords and related offices; 1st class monument since 1970, in 1987 inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Canute the Great started its construction in 1016.

4. The largest in the World King’s Palace of Buckingham – the official London residence of the British monarchs.

5. Churchill War Rooms – a history museum in London.

6. 10 Downing Street – residence and office of the Prime Minister of Great Britain and the seat of the Government of Her Majesty

7. Trafalgar Square – a square of former royal stables commemorating the victory of the British Royal Navy in the naval battle of Trafalgar. In the central part of the square there is a 55-meter tall Nelson column.

8. Millennium Wheel “London Eye” another icon of central London. An observation wheel completed in 1999.

London Eye is one of the three buildings built in London for the new millennium.

9. Covent Garden – a district of London located in the City of Westminster known for meetings of artists, circus performers, musicians and people associated with art. Formerly there was a monastery here. This district includes the Covent Garden Theater, the headquarters of the Royal Opera House and the Royal Ballet.

10. Soho – the central part of the West End district in London.

The district is known for its numerous clubs, discos, restaurants, bars and pubs. In addition to entertainment venues open until the night, there are also cinema complexes, theaters (on Shaftesbury Avenue), bookshops (on Charing Cross Road), fashionable shops (Trocadero Center) and games rooms. All this attracts crowds of tourists.

Soho is considered to be the place where the multiculturalism of London is apparently visible. It is a synonym of industry, trade, culture and entertainment, as it is part of the artistic West End.

For centuries, the district has embraced immigrants from all over the world. Today, Soho also refers to the openness of manners, even the large number of bars for gays and transvestites.

11. Oxford Street – a street in London with over 300 stores. Its name derives from a part of former London – Oxford Road, which began in Newgate. From about 1729, the street is called Oxford Street. This street has become one of the largest streets leading to and out of the city.

Oxford Street is a square on the board of the British version of Monopoly. Together with Regent Street and Bond Street, it is part of a green set.

This is undoubtedly the shopping center of London.

12. Selfridges – is a chain of luxury department stores in Great Britain. American merchant tycoon Henry Gordon Selfridge in 1906, came to England with a head full of ideas and hands ready to work. Three years later, as he planned, he opened his shop on Oxford Street, which, after the Harrods, is the second of its kind in London.

13. Regent Street – one of the main shopping streets in London’s West End, popular with both tourists and residents of the city. It was named in honor of the Regent’s Prince (later King George IV of Hanover) and is associated with the architect John Nash, whose street layout has survived to the present times, even though all original buildings (except the All Souls Church) have been replaced.

The street was completed in 1825 and was one of the early examples of spatial planning in England, breaking the seventeenth and eighteenth century pattern. The street starts from the south at the Carlton House residence in St James’s, crosses Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus and ends at the All Souls Church. From there, Langham Place and Portland Place lead to Regent’s Park.

All buildings on Regent Street are protected as historic buildings, together they form the Regent Street Conservation Area

14. Piccadilly Circus – the square and the intersection of the main streets in the heart of the theatrical and entertainment district West End in London, which is part of Soho. It is one of the most recognizable places in London and a tourist attraction, is located close to the main shopping and entertainment districts of the West End and is an important transport hub.

Piccadilly Circus is a place recognizable all over the world mainly thanks to the light advertisements of such companies as eg Samsung, McDonald’s or Coca-Cola, located at one of the corners of the square. The first advertising boards appeared in this place in the 1890s, the first highlighted was the Perrier advertisement, the lighting was installed in 1908. From 1910, the installation of neon advertisements began, the first to advertise the Bovril and Schweppes beverages. The first mobile advertisement featured Guinness beer and part of it was occupied by a clock, in December 1998 Coke advertisement was the first in which a computer projector was used, from 2000 LED displays were carried out gradually, which in 2011 replaced previous neon signs.

During the tour you are informed about where we are currently.

There is also time for pictures, among others, with characteristic red phone booths of which there are several on the way.

In the evening, we serve a warm body covering.

The rain does not interfere with traveling because we have 100% tight, easy-opening roofs.

Rain protection is transparent so it does not hinder your trip.

Traveling with such an unusual means of transport is a clear pleasure to visit.

It is possible to listen to music via bluetooth from the speakers installed in the vehicle.

Feel the space for photography and space in your spare time.

As a standard, we start the journey in accordance with the simple tour route,

but the starting point of the trip can be set individually (West End).

Contact us to book the tour today!


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