Simple Tour

The basic reconnaissance package is nothing more than a tour of the major tourist attractions in the Westminster area.

We start the trip at the bus stop.

You will visit in turn:

1. The Westminster Abbey Anglican Temple is the place of coronation of the kings of England and Great Britain.

2. Great clock “Big ben” and actually Elizabeth Tower, which is already over 160 years old. It is one of the main symbols of the country and the capital.

3. The largest in the world King’s Palace of Buckingham – the official London residence of the British monarchs.

4. Churchill War Rooms – a history museum in London.

5. 10 downing street – residence and office of the Prime Minister of Great Britain and the seat of the Government of Her Majesty

6. Trafalgar Square – a square of former royal stables commemorating the victory of the British Royal Navy in the naval battle of Trafalgar. In the central part of the square there is a 55-meter tall Nelson column.

7. Millennium Wheel “London Eye” another icon of central London. An observation wheel completed in 1999.

London Eye is one of the three buildings built in London for the new millennium.

During the tour you are informed about where we are currently.

There is also time for pictures, among others, with characteristic red phone booths of which there are several on the way.

In the evening, we serve a warm body covering.

The rain does not interfere with podruzowaniu because we have easily opened roofs in our rickshaws.

Traveling with such an unusual means of transport is a pleasure to visit.

It is possible to listen to music via bluetooth from the speakers installed in the vehicle.

Feel the space for photography and space in your spare time.

Time: 30-50min

Pick up: Westminster Pier (Stop K), SW1A 2JH

Drop off: London Eye, SE1 7GH

Price each person: 35f

Our 3 seated rickshaws are suitable for night driving and they meet all safety standards.
Do you want extra time to take a pictures and walk around? It would be great if you let us know before the ride.

Contact us to book the tour today!

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